Pattern Making For Perfect Fit & Style Womenswear edition


The Pattern Making for Perfect Fit & Style explains in detail just how easy it is to create basic blocks.  Then from these, adjust and alter to create many different and varied designs.

Click on the bottom right corner of the book below to preview what is inside and see just how easy the Sitam AB Pattern Making Methodology is.


This exclusive Womenswear Pattern Making edition, will allow you to master the skills of pattern drafting with excellent results in no time. Its unique educational approach with the use of the AB Template (with scales), clarifies theory and simplifies practical processes.


The book comprises of two sections:

1. In the section - Fit Theory and Principles, you will find all the basic pattern blocks. The block construction is described step by step, together with the principles that govern body anatomy for a good fit. These principles apply to any size or combination of measurements you may want to use. You will also find a variety of body forms and personal measurements which are already more detailed with:

- pictures that demonstrate shape differences

- making up and sewing details

- variations of the classic skirt block

- enriched alterations for body-shape variations in bodice, skirt and   trouser blocks.

2. In the section Style Applications you will find a collection of styles of different garment parts, that will help you understand the principles of block manipulation for the creation of a well balanced garment style.

For each garment a number of style variations are provided. These style variations aim to help understand the process of style creation and designing of a collection.

In most basic garments you will also find the lay-out preview with all the pattern pieces and assembly instructions for making-up.

Have fun making your own clothes and enjoy wearing and showing off your own creations.

Available in English, Greek and French.

(Book - 135 pages.)

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